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Cafepharma ( is a website for people in the industry to air their laundry, so to speak. They have specific boards for each pharmaceutical company so I decided to have a little fun with it today. I posted a topic with the intention of soliciting comments primarily from Boehringer Ingelheim representatives. I was not disappointed. The employees of Boehringer Ingelheim have proven once again that they are as cold, calloused and inhumane as the top executives at Boehringer Ingelheim. Is anyone really surprised?

Scroll down to the bottom to view a note from Boehringer Ingelheim's then CEO, George Heidgerken who states

"we have begun to train our customer facing organization in a way that we hope will make our employees more responsive to and sympathetic with our pet customers"

I guess they FAILED!

This is my original post on Cafepharma. The topic was removed shortly thereafter by the moderator at Cafepharma, but not before it has over 400 views and over 220 hits on this website.

This is the first nasty response from a Boehringer Ingelheim drug rep. It shows the lack of education he or she has about VAS even though George, Marla and Albrecht promised me they would implement a training program so their people would be more sensitive towards VAS victims. FAIL!

I also like this persons self importance here: "This website is what reps use to see who the hottest reps are." Hmm....

I am not sure who posted this reply. It was not me. Obviously I am not the only one who hates Boehringer Ingelheim.

This was actually one of my favorite replies. I got EXACTLY what I wanted from these Boehringer Ingelheim drug reps. Cold, calloused, inhumane replies, just like the top executives at Boehringer have done. They really have no sympathy for their victims.

Wow, this one is awesome! I guess one of the job requirements at Boehringer Ingelheim is that you possess a low IQ so they can control you.

Once again, the person posting a reply here shows their total lack of knowledge about vaccine associated sarcoma. For the record, Stimpy's VAS was confirmed as being vaccine associated from the biopsy that was performed. I do understand the need for medicines. There is a doctor in the house after all!

WTF? +1???

This was in response to someone else posting a reply (as quoted) and this Boehringer Ingelheim rep calls him a douchebag. Really? How old are you exactly?

I did not post this reply either but there is some truth to it. Pradaxa has killed many people but the number of deaths is currently still under 1000 and Boehringer Ingelheim is currently facing many lawsuits over the deaths and severe side effects. It is going to cost them hundreds of millions to settle these lawsuits. Poor things, and right after they had to pay $95 million for a whistle blower!

This was the final reply before the thread was yanked. This is the only person who shows an ounce of compassion about Stimpy's death. Although this person has good intentions, they are woefully misinformed about the reality of this cancer and the industry they work for.

Thanks to Gigi for saving these for me before I had time to do it myself. These replies show how insensitive most Boehringer Ingelheim employees and executives are.