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A day in the life of a cat with cancer

Pfizer Contacts

Scroll down past the pictures to see a copy of a letter from Pfizer as well as a General Release where they pay off a victim to keep quiet and go away.

Below is a list of the officers and attorneys at Pfizer. If you have been the victim of a Pfizer vaccine, I would encourage you to contact them directly

More evil doings from Pfizer. They have been deliberately poisoning people with arsenic. I guess if you poison enough people, you can sell your drugs to cure them. Read the release here:

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Ian Read, CEO Pfizer

17 Winterset Road, Greenwich, CT 06830  203-422-2709 or 203-618-0519 or 203-622-3164

Juan Ramon Alaix, CEO Pfizer Animal Health

308 E. 72nd St, New York, New York 10021    212-288-0442

Amy W. Schulman, Executive VP & General Counsel

408 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-499-3570


Pictured above is a cat named Chicken. She was diagnosed with vaccine associated sarcoma in the scruff. She underwent surgeries, radiation and chemo. Typical with most pharmaceutical companies, the cats caregiver is stuck with the high cost of this cancer while the pharmaceutical companies offer little to no compensation for what they do.

R.I.P. Chicken

This is Amelia "Boo" Kitty. This picture was taken at LSU where Amelia had a massive surgery. Here she is waiting for her radiation and chemo treatment. Boo is another victim of Pfizer whose owner did everything she could for her, spending over $25,000 to save Boo's life. Pfizer offered a mere $1000 towards Boo's VAS care. This is typical of the big pharmaceutical companies.

R.I.P. Amelia "Boo" Kitty

This is Boo's tumor ulcerating. This is a truly hideous cancer caused by the very vaccines that we are told will help our cats. The pharmaceutical companies do little to nothing to disclose this risk and they do even less to compensate the victims.

This is a typical letter from Pfizer paying off a victim to go away


This is a General Release form that Pfizer sent to one of their victims offering their meager settlement for killing their cat. Of course, "it is no admission of wrong doing on their part" but we all know what that means. I particularly like the part about how they expect the victim to keep the terms of the agreement confidential. Do they really think anyone has any reason to do that when they kill your cat with their vaccine? This is typical of the pharma industry in how they handle vaccine associate sarcoma. It is their "dirty little secret".

Today (March 13, 2013), I received this letter from Pfizer, completely out of the blue. For the record, I have NEVER filed any such report with Pfizer. They probably coated the letter with anthrax or something else that will kill me mysteriously. Stay tuned, "The Constant Gardener II" will be coming to a theatre near you.

To be continued...